High-Availability Cluster Solution Using Windows NT

Chapter 3. Installing the ServeRAID II Adapter for a High-Availability Cluster Solution Using Windows NT

To install a high-availability cluster solution, you must first configure the ServeRAID II adapter, define logical drives, and set up Merge IDs. To do this, perform the following procedure.


Before beginning this procedure, read the following information.

Note: Ensure that the ServeRAID II adapters have the latest BIOS/Firmware installed. You must use Version 2.4, or higher, as a minimum.
If you are using MSCS, be sure that you use a version that has been certified by Microsoft as noted on the following Web site.
Refer to this Web site to download the latest level.


For instructions on how to determine the versions of the BIOS/Firmware on your ServeRAID II adapter, refer to the documentation that is included with your server or your adapter.

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