Selecting Servers and Enclosures

Selecting Servers and Enclosures

This section contains descriptions of IBM servers, storage enclosures, and optional devices that you can use to configure a shared-disk cluster. This section also contains some tips to help make the task of configuring your cluster a little easier.

The hardware needed to configure a dual-node, high-availability, shared-disk cluster generally consists of the following basic elements:

Together, these basic elements provide the flexibility you need to design a dual-node cluster that will meet both your current and future needs.

This section does not provide information about all IBM PC Server and Netfinity products available for clustering.
To obtain information about earlier PC Server models and other products that IBM has tested in a clustered environment, visit one or more of the following World Wide Web pages:

(1) The cluster software packages for the shared-disk cluster examples described in this reference were designed and tested for use with the high-availability functions provided by the IBM Netfinity ServeRAID-3H Ultra2 SCSI Adapter, the IBM ServeRAID II Ultra SCSI Adapter, and the IBM Netfinity Fibre Channel RAID Controller.
(2) The shared-disk cluster packages require that you use IBM 100/10 or 10/100 PCI EtherJet Adapters for the dedicated link between the two servers.

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