SCSI disk utilities

SCSI disk utilities

To see the IDs that are assigned to each SCSI device or to format a SCSI device, select SCSI Disk Utilities from the SCSISelect Utility program menu. To use the utility program, select a drive from the list. Read the screens carefully before you make a selection.

Note: If the following screen appears, you might have pressed Ctrl+A before the selected drives were ready. Restart the server, and watch the SCSISelect messages as each drive spins up. After the drive that you want to view or format spins up, press Ctrl+A.


Performing a low-level disk format:

You can use the Format Disk  feature of the SCSISelect Utility program to perform a low-level format on hard disks.
Depending on the hard disk capacity, the low-level format program could take up to two hours.

When to use the format disk program

Use the Format Disk program:

Note: For information about backing up all of your files, see your operating-system documentation.

Starting the low-level format

  - Attention - The low-level format erases all  data and programs.
  1.  If the hard disk drive is working, make a backup copy  of all the files and programs on the hard disk.
  2.  Select Format Disk, then, follow the instructions on the screen.

    Note:  Hard disks normally contain more tracks than  their stated capacity (to allow for defective  tracks). A message appears on the screen if the  defect limit is reached. If this happens, replace  the hard disk.

  3.  To install an operating system after the hard disk is  formatted, follow the instructions in the ServerGuide  package that comes with the server.

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