ISA Legacy Resources

ISA Legacy Resources

Plug and Play is a configuration method that makes expanding the server easier. Support for Plug and Play is built into the system board of the server.

If an adapter is Plug and Play, there are no switches or jumpers that must be set on the adapter. A Plug and Play adapter comes with configuration specifications set in memory to provide installation information to the server during startup.
When you install or remove Plug and Play adapters, this information is interpreted by the BIOS, which supports Plug and Play technology. If the required resources are available, the BIOS software automatically configures the adapter around the resources already in use by other devices.

Most adapters designed for PCI slots are Plug and Play devices that are auto-configuring. However, many ISA adapters are not Plug and Play devices. These adapters are known as legacy adapters . If you install a legacy adapter, you must manually configure it by setting switches or jumpers on the adapter, and by allocating or reserving the system resources that the adapter will use.

Note: See Configuration conflicts for information about handling resource conflicts.

Select ISA Legacy Resources to identify the available system resources:

Note: The menus do not contain resources that are used by the system or by previously installed Plug and Play adapters.

To store the legacy resource information for an installed adapter:

  1.  Select ISA Legacy Resources, then, use the Up  Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) key to highlight the  system resource that you want to change.
  2.  Select a resource, then, use the Left Arrow (<) or  Right Arrow (>) key to select a configuration choice.  If you remove an ISA legacy adapter, you must redefine  the system resource as [Available].

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