Memory modules

Memory modules

Adding system memory to the server can make programs run faster. You can increase the amount of system memory by installing options called memory modules.

The maximum amount of system memory the server supports is 384 MB of unbuffered memory, or 768 MB of registered memory. You can add memory to the server to increase system performance. The server has three connectors for installing system-memory modules.

  - Attention - You cannot mix registered and unbuffered DIMMs in the server. To use registered DIMMs, you must remove all unbuffered DIMMs from the server.

To locate the memory connectors on the system board, see System Board Illustration 8476 / 8477.
The memory modules that the server uses are dual-inline memory modules (DIMMs). The DIMMs that come with the server are unbuffered synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) with error checking and correction (ECC). These memory modules have a speed of 100 MHz. You can add extra memory modules or replace existing memory modules.

When installing or replacing DIMMs, follow these guidelines:

For Memory configuration see System Board Illustration 8476 / 8477.

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