Installing a drive in the drive bay assembly

Installing a drive in the drive bay assembly

This section gives the procedure for installing drives in the front drive bay assembly. If you want to remove a drive from the front drive bay assembly, reverse the order of the following steps.


  1.  With the front of the drive bay assembly facing you,  remove the metal shield for the drive bay you want to  use by pulling out the tabs on the sides of the shield  until it flexes. Lift off one side, then the other.
  2.  Touch the static-protective package containing the  new drive to any unpainted  metal surface, then,  remove the drive from it.
  3.  Insert the drive into the desired unoccupied drive bay.  Insert and tighten the screws that hold it in place.  The following illustration shows a hard disk drive being installed in bay 2.
  4.  Replace the top-handle cover.
  5.  Attach the cables to the drive, as shown in the following illustration.
  6.  If you have installed a drive with removable media,  you must remove the bay panel (bezel). If you have  installed a drive with nonremovable media, you must  install a bay panel (if it was not already installed).
  7.  To remove a bay panel (bezel):
    1.  Locate the appropriate bay panel in the front of the server.
    2.  Use the tip of a screwdriver, if necessary, to  release the plastic tabs that hold the bay panel  at the front of the server.
    3.  Remove the bay panel.
    4.  Continue with step 9.
  8.  To install a bay panel (bezel):
    1.  Align the right-hand edge of the bay panel with  the matching opening in the front of the server.
    2.  Gently press the left edge closed until it snaps.
    3.  If you installed a CD-ROM drive and want to connect the drive to  the CD-ROM audio connector, see ISA and PCI Adapters  to locate the CD-ROM audio connector on the riser card.
    4.  Go to Installing a drive in the drive bay assembly.
  9.  If you want to install or remove any other options, do so now.  Otherwise, go to Completing the Installation.

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