Preinstallation steps (all bays)

Preinstallation steps (all bays)

Before you begin, be sure you have:

Before you can install drives in the Netfinity 1000 or 3000 server, you might need to perform certain preinstallation activities.
Some of the steps are required only during the initial installation of an option.
  1.  Remove the server side cover  (see Disconnecting Cables and Removing the Side Cover).
  2.  Choose the bay in which you want to install the drive. (Refer to Drive specifications  for the drive types and sizes available for each bay.)
  3.  Access the appropriate drive bays.


    1.  In all models, drive bays 1 and 4 come with drives preinstalled.
    2.  In some models, drive bay 6 comes with a drive preinstalled.
    3.  Drive bays 2 and 3 have a bay panel (bezel) and static shield installed.
    4.  If you remove a drive that has removable  media and you do not intend to install a new  drive immediately, reinstall the static shield  and bay panel for that bay.
       To access drive bays 1 through 4, go to Working with drives in bays 1 through 4.
       To access drive bays 5 and 6, go to Working with drives in bays 5 and 6.

  4.  Touch the static-protective bag containing the drive to  any unpainted  metal surface on the server, then,  remove the drive from the bag.
  5.  Check the instructions that come with the drive, or  contact your IBM reseller or IBM marketing  representative to see if you need to set any switches  or jumpers on the drive, or if you need to attach a  tray to the drive.

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