Types of Cables

Types of Cables

The server uses cables to connect IDE and SCSI drives to the power supply, riser card, and system board.
The diskette drive is also powered through a cable attached to the riser card.
Each cable connector is designed to fit a corresponding drive connector.

The following cables are provided:

Since the server is equipped with an UltraSCSI adapter, it has a ribbon cable that is connected to the internal SCSI hard disk drive.
One end of this cable is connected to the 68-pin, internal SCSI connector on the SCSI adapter.
The other end of the SCSI cable has a terminator. This cable provides four connectors for attaching other internal SCSI devices.

Note: To locate connectors on the system board, see System Board Illustration 8476 / 8477.

The diskette, IDE CD-ROM, and other IDE device connectors are on the back of the riser card.
When you are installing optional drives, refer to the following illustration for the location of the appropriate connectors.

Note: The following illustration is for reference only. Before you install drives, be sure to check the orientation of the server riser card for the correct connector locations. The bottom edge of this card is located at the back of the server.

  1.  Alert on LAN and AssetID are available on some  models only.
  2.  If you attach a 4-position cable connector to the  2-pin Modem Wakeup connector, ensure that the  unused positions are next to the bottom of the  riser card , as shown in the illustration. If this  cable is incorrectly attached, the server might  automatically restart each time that you turn off the power.

The following are some important points to remember when connecting power and signal cables to internal drives:

For help in selecting drives, cables, and other options for the server, do one of the following:

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