Front fan

Front fan

  - Attention - The presence of 5 V ac standby power might result in damage to the hardware unless you disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet before you open the server.


To remove and replace the front fan:
  1.  Remove the server side cover  (see Disconnecting Cables and Removing the Side Cover).
  2.  Position the server as described in Accessing the System Board.
  3.  Disconnect the front fan cable from the riser card.  See the label inside the server for the location of the  front fan connector, or see the riser-card illustration in ISA and PCI Adapters
  4.  Press the tab and pull the front fan forward until it clears the server wall.

  5.  Replace the front fan by aligning the two hooks on  the bottom of the front fan assembly with the slots on the server wall.
  6.  Insert the tab on the front fan assembly into the slot on the server wall.
  7.  Connect the front fan cable to the connector on the riser card.
  8.  Replace the Bottom Cover.
  9.  If you want to install or remove any other options, do so now.  Otherwise, go to Completing the Installation.

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