Completing the installation

Completing the installation


  1.  Ensure that all components have been reassembled  correctly and that no tools or loose screws are left  inside the server.
  2.  Clear any cables that might impede the replacement  of the cover.
  3.  Place the server in an upright position, and ensure  that the stabilizer feet are positioned correctly. For  more information, see Stabilizing feet.
    Note:  It is easier to install the cover if the server is  placed in an upright position.
  4.  Install the side cover:
    1.  Make sure that the cover lock (if present) is in  the unlocked position.
    2.  Align the three bottom cover guides with the  corresponding notches on the frame of the server.
    3.  Insert the bottom cover tab into the tab opening.
    4.  With one hand, align the top so that the cover  rests against the server. With the other hand,  press the cover at the bottom left corner, above  the left rotated foot.
    5.  Keep the hand at the top to hold the cover in  place. Use the thumb from the other hand to  slide the cover. Make sure that the cover is latched into position.
  5.  If a cover lock is present, go to the back of the server  and lock the cover.
     You can use the cover lock and keys to secure the  outside cover.
      - Attention - In the  United Kingdom, by law, the telephone  cable must be connected after  the power cord.

    Caution: When the power-cord strain-relief bracket option  is installed on the power cord, the server must be plugged to a power source  that is easily accessible.

  6.  Reconnect the cables to the back of the server, then,  plug the power cords into properly grounded electrical  outlets.
  7.  If you have a modem or fax machine attached to the  server, and you are not in the United Kingdom,  reconnect the telephone line to the wall outlet and the  server, and plug the power cords into properly  grounded electrical outlets.  If you are in the United Kingdom, plug in the power  cords first, then, connect the telephone line to the wall  outlet and the server.
  8.  Power-on the server and all attached devices.

  - Attention - To allow for air circulation, be sure to maintain the following minimum clearances around the server:

When you have completed installing the covers and cables, go to Updating the server configuration.

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