Bottom Cover

Bottom Cover

  - Attention - The presence of 5 V ac standby power might result in damage to the hardware unless you disconnect the power cord from the wall before you open the server.


To remove the bottom cover:
  1.  Remove the server side cover (see Disconnecting cables and removing the side cover).
  2.  Position the server as described in Accessing the System Board.
  3.  Remove the screws from the bottom cover.
  4.  Pivot the end of the bottom cover away from the server frame.
    Note:  The server bottom cover might look different from  the bottom cover in this illustration.

  5.  Slide the tabs on the end of the cover out of their  openings and remove the cover.

To replace the bottom cover:
  1.  Hold the bottom cover at an angle and align the tabs  on the end with the openings in the frame.
  2.  Fit the tabs into the openings and pivot the bottom  cover until it is closed.
  3.  Align the holes and insert the two bottom screws.
  4.  If you want to install or remove any other options, do so now.  Otherwise, go to Completing the Installation.

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