Symptom-to-FRU Index

Symptom-to-FRU Index

This index supports Netfinity 1000 (Type 8477) and Netfinity 3000 (Type 8476)


  1.  Check the configuration before you replace a FRU.  Configuration problems can cause false errors and symptoms.
  2.  For IBM devices not supported by index, refer to the manual for that device.

  3. Always start with General Checkout.  

Beep / Error Symptoms 

Error Codes 

The Symptom-to-FRU Index lists beeps, errors, symptoms, and the possible causes. The most likely cause is listed first. Use this Symptom-to-FRU Index to help you decide which FRUs to have available when servicing the computer.

X in place of a digit can be any number or letter.

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