External SCSI Devices

External SCSI Devices

Note: If one or more internal devices are attached to the SCSI controller, only one external device is supported.

The internal SCSI connector provides support for SCSI devices installed inside the server. The external SCSI connector provides support for external SCSI devices. The UltraSCSI adapter can support a maximum of 15 devices.


  - Attention - In addition to cable length and the number of installed devices, you must consider other factors that limit the performance of the SCSI subsystem. For example, if you install UltraSCSI devices in an external expansion enclosure that is limited to Fast transfer rates, or if you exceed the previously described cable-length guidelines, the transfer rate to all SCSI devices must be limited to Fast or standard transfer rates. You accomplish this by using the SCSISelect Utility program.

If you plan to attach an external SCSI device, you must order an additional SCSI cable. That is, to use an external device with the Netfinity 3000 server, you must connect it to the external SCSI connector, using a SCSI cable. This SCSI cable must have the proper connector for the SCSI external connector on one end, and the proper connector for the external device on the other end. To select and order the correct SCSI cable for use with the external device, contact your IBM reseller or IBM marketing representative.

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