Adding Security Options

Adding Security Options

Security features can help to protect the server data and programs from unauthorized access and use, and help to physically protect the server from theft and tampering. After you determine the system security needs, you can activate or implement the appropriate security features.

To control access to the information in the server databases, you can implement security measures through the system configuration programs. These features include defining two levels of password protection, restricting diskette access, and defining a system owner's name. Implementing these security measures helps you to ensure the integrity of the data and programs that are stored in the server. See System Security for details.

To prevent writing to a diskette in a diskette drive, set the diskette write-protect switch. (See System Board Illustration 8476 / 8477).

To erase lost or forgotten passwords, you can move the CMOS clear (password) jumper on the system board.

To control access to other hardware components in the server, you can install several types of optional devices. These options include:

The section Installing a U-Bolt and Security Cable discusses these security options.

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