Installing or Removing AGP Adapters

Installing or Removing AGP Adapters

This section gives the procedure for installing an AGP adapter in the dedicated AGP slot connector. If you want to remove an AGP adapter from this slot connector, reverse the order of the following steps. If you need to install an adapter in an ISA or PCI slot connector, go to Installing or Removing ISA and PCI Adapters.


  1.  You may install a video adapter in the dedicated  AGP slot connector, in an ISA slot connector, or  in a PCI slot connector. However, the server  system board supports either the integrated video  subsystem or the AGP video connector, but not  both simultaneously.
  2.  You can install only a special AGP graphics  adapter in the dedicated AGP slot connector.  For information on the available AGP adapters,  go to on the World Wide Web.


  - Attention - To avoid The presence of 5 V ac standby power might result in damage to the hardware unless you disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet before you open the server.

To install an AGP adapter:

  1.  Remove the server side cover  (see Disconnecting Cables and Removing the Side Cover).
  2.  Remove the screw; then, remove the cover to access  the two slots on the server wall. The slots on the  server wall provide access to the connector on the  AGP adapter for attaching external devices.

  3.  Install the AGP adapter. The following illustration  shows the installation of an AGP adapter. Note that  the connector for external devices on the AGP  adapter is accessible through the slot on the server  wall.

    Note:  Some adapters support the attachment of secondary adapters called daughterboards .  (A daughterboard is an adapter that can be plugged into another adapter or the system board.)  Because a daughterboard might provide another connector for external devices,  a second slot is provided in the server wall for access.

  4.  If necessary, connect any internal cables to the adapter.  Refer to the documentation that comes with the option.
  5.  If you want to install or remove any other options, do so now.  Otherwise, go to Completing the Installation.

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