Adding an adapter, such as a communication adapter, extends the capabilities and power of the server. For example, if the server supports redundant array of independent disks (RAID) technology, you can add a RAID adapter that can enhance logical-drive capacity and performance.

Note: For a complete list of the adapters that the server supports, go to on the World Wide Web, or contact an IBM marketing representative.

When you are installing or removing adapters, it is important to resolve any resource conflicts that might arise.
For example, if you install an ISA legacy adapter, you might need to manually configure the adapter by setting a variety of switches on the adapter and by using the Configuration/Setup Utility program.

Many adapters now use Plug and Play  technology, which enables the server to automatically configure the adapter, provided that the required resources are available. Refer to the instructions that come with the adapter to determine if it is Plug and Play. For more information, see ISA Legacy Resources.

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