Changing the ServeRAID Adapter Parameters (ServeRAID)

Changing the ServeRAID Adapter Parameters

Display/Change Adapters Parameters allows you to view and change the adapter's configuration parameters.

To display or change the adapter parameters:
  1.  Start the ServeRAID configuration program   (see 'Starting the ServeRAID Configuration Program')
  2.  Select Advanced Functions from the Main Menu.
  3.  Select Display/Change Adapter Params and press Enter The following appears.


       Bank      |  Default connection
        C        |  Channel 3
        D        |  Channel 2
        E        |  Channel 1

       You can also specify the setting of the SCSI ID backplane jumper. This mapping is critical for the correct operation of the Administration and Monitoring program, which  uses the settings to identify drives, control power to specific drives, and operate the SCSI LEDS.

     For example, suppose you dasy-chained banks D and E, connecting the input connector on bank D to channel 2 on the adapter. The SCSI ID backplane jumper on bank E is set to HI.  Refer to the backplane information in the 'PC Server EPRM' for the system you are servicing. In this configuration, Channel 1 is available for external devices. Set the Bank Mapping as shown:  and see 'ServeRAID Cabling Sample'

       Channel    | Low ID            | High ID
       Channel 1  | External devices  | External devices
       Channel 2  | D                 | E
       Channel 3  | C                 |

  4.  Follow the instructions on the screen.

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