Rebuilding a Logical Drive (ServeRAID)

Rebuilding a Logical Drive

Review the following information before you rebuild a logical drive.

If you are using one of the Administration and Monitoring programs provided with the disk-array system, you can use it to identify the defunct drive and designate a drive to replace the defunct drive without restarting the server. Refer to the README file on the Administration and Monitoring program for instructions on the operating system.

To replace a faulty drive using the ServeRAID configuration program:
  1.  Start the ServeRAID configuration program. When the Following drives not responding  appears,  press F5 to continue loading the ServeRAID configuration program.
  2.  Select Rebuild/Device Management from the Main Menu.
  3.  Select Rebuild Drive from the Rebuild/Device Management menu. The cursor becomes active in the Bay/Array list.
  4.  Select the replacement drive that you want to use for the rebuild operation. A pop-up window appears.

     Information and status messages about each stage of the rebuilding process appears on the screen.

  5.  When the rebuilding process is completed, press Esc to return to the Main Menu. The new configuration will be saved autom.
  6.  Backup the new configuration (see 'Backing Up the Disk-Array Configuration')
  7.  Select Exit to end the ServeRAID configuration program.
  8.  Remove the diskette and press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart the system.

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