Installing memory-modules

Installing memory-modules

You install memory-modules on the memory board included in the Processor Upgrade Kit.


  1.  Install memory modules in connectors J1, J5, J2, J6,  J3, J7, J4, and J8, in that order.
     (See the illustration below for memory connector locations.)
  2.  If you mix DIMM sizes, install the largest sized DIMM  in connector J1, the next largest sized DIMM in  connector J2, and so forth,
     to enhance memory-module performance.
  3.  Installing or removing memory modules changes the configuration  information in the server.
     Therefore, after installing or removing a DIMM,  you must save the new configuration information in the Configuration/Setup  program.
     When you restart the server, the system displays a message indicating  that the memory configuration has changed.
     Start the Configuration/Setup Utility program and select Save Settings.

Refer to the following illustrations of the processor housing and the processor board while you perform the steps in this procedure.


3 Thumbscrew
4 Memory board
5 Memory board handle


6 Retaining clips
7 Memory connector 1 (J1)
8 Memory connector 2 (J2)
9 Memory connector 3 (J3)
10 Memory connector 4 (J4)
11 Memory connector 5 (J5)
12 Memory connector 6 (J6)
13 Memory connector 7 (J7)
14 Memory connector 8 (J8)

Complete this procedure to install memory-modules.
  1.  Remove the memory board:
    1.  Remove the thumbscrew -3- from the side of the processor housing.
    2.  Lift up on the memory board handle -5- and  remove the memory board -4- from the server.
    3.  Place the memory board on a static-protective  surface, such as the static-protective package in which the option came.

  2.  Locate the memory-module connectors on the memory board.
     Determine the memory-module  connector into which you will install the memory module.
  3.  Touch the static-protective package containing the  memory-module kit to any unpainted  metal surface on  the server. Then, remove the memory module from the package.

    Note:  To avoid breaking the retaining clips or damaging  the memory-module connectors, handle the clips gently.

  4.  Install the memory module:
    1.  Turn the memory module (DIMM) -15- so that  the pins align correctly with the connector -7-.
    2.  Insert the DIMM into the connector by pressing  on one edge of the DIMM and then on the other  edge of the DIMM.
       Be sure to press straight into the connector.
       The retaining clips -6- will snap into the closed positions.
    3.  Make sure the retaining clips 6 are in the closed position.
       If a gap exists between the  DIMM and the retaining clips, the DIMM has not  been properly installed.
       In this case, open the retaining clips and remove the DIMM; then, reinsert the DIMM.
    4.  Repeat these steps for each memory module that you install.

  5.  Install the memory board:
    1.  Hold the memory board by the top edge and  align the memory board over the memory board connector.
    2.  Press on the top edge of the memory board,  insert the memory board into the connector, and  tighten the thumbscrew to secure.

  6.  Go to Installing the processor Housing.

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