Installing the Processor Assembly

Installing the Processor Assembly

Complete this procedure to install the processor assembly.

  1.  Lift the processor assembly by the openings in the  top cover and orient the processor assembly 1 with  the DIMMs toward the rear of the server.

  2.  Carefully lower the processor assembly into the  server shuttle until it is fully seated.
  3.  Install and tighten the four screws 2 that you  removed in step 12 of Removing the Processor Assembly.

    Note:  If you removed the air diffuser, reinstall it now.

  4.  Reconnect the two cables that you disconnected in step 11 of Removing the Processor Assembly.

  5.  Slide the shuttle into place and tighten the four shuttle thumbscrews.
  6.  Reinstall the top cover.
    1.  Check that all cables, adapters, and other  components are installed and seated correctly  and that you have not left loose tools or parts inside the server.
    2.  Lower the cover with the rear edge of the cover  approximately 2.5 cm (1 in.) back from the rear  edge of the server.
    3.  Slide the cover forward.
    4.  Tighten the two thumbscrews on the back edge of the cover.

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