Installing memory-modules

Installing memory-modules

You install the memory modules on the processor assembly included in the Processor Upgrade Kit. You must install memory modules that are compatible with the Processor Upgrade Kit.

When installing memory, keep the following in mind:

Install the first memory module in DIMM socket 4. Install additional memory modules in DIMM sockets 3, 2, and 1 in that order.
If you mix DIMM sizes, install the largest sized DIMM in DIMM socket 4, the next largest sized DIMM in DIMM socket 3, and so forth.

Complete this procedure to install memory-modules.
  1.  Center the DIMM -1- over the connector. Make sure  the DIMM is oriented and aligned correctly.

  2.  Press the DIMM into the connector until the latches -2- snap  into the locked position.
  3.  Repeat this procedure for additional DIMMs.
  4.  Replace the processor assembly top cover -1-.

  5.  Turn the quarter-turn fasteners -2- to the locked position.

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