Installing a Microprocessor Kit

Installing a Microprocessor Kit

Refer to the following illustrations of the processor assembly and processor board while you perform the steps in this procedure:


1 Processor assembly top cover
2 Quarter-turn fasteners

3 Latches
4 Secondary microprocessor
5 Terminator card
6 Secondary microprocessor connector
7 Voltage regulator modules (VRMs) for secondary microprocessor
8 VRM connectors for secondary microprocessor
9 VRMs for primary microprocessor
10 Primary microprocessor

Complete this procedure to install a microprocessor kit in the processor assembly.
  1.  Turn the quarter-turn fasteners 2 and remove the  processor assembly top cover 1.

     Refer to the processor board layout for component  locations.

  2.  Install the microprocessor in the primary microprocessor connector.
    1.  Touch the static-protective package containing  the new microprocessor to any unpainted  metal  surface on the server; then remove the microprocessor from the package.
    2.  Hold the microprocessor 10 by the open  latches 3 and center the microprocessor over  the microprocessor connector.
    3.  Make sure the microprocessor is oriented and aligned correctly.
    4.  Insert the microprocessor into the guides until it  seats in the connector. Close the latches.
  3.  Install the two VRMs (voltage regulator modules) 9  in the primary microprocessor VRM connectors.
    1.  Center one VRM over the connector.
    2.  Make sure the VRM is oriented and aligned correctly.
    3.  Press the VRM into the connector until the VRM  latches snap into the locked position.
    4.  Repeat this procedure to install the other VRM.
  4.  If you are installing a second microprocessor kit, complete this procedure.
    1.  Remove the terminator card 5 from the  secondary microprocessor connector 6.
    2.  Refer to the procedure in step 2 and install the  secondary microprocessor 4.
    3.  Refer to the procedure in step 3 and install the  two VRMs 7 in the secondary microprocessor VRM connectors 8.
  5.  Set the microprocessor core-ratio-selection switch  (SW1) for the correct microprocessor core ratio. For example, if you have a  450 MHz microprocessor installed, be sure that the microprocessor  core-ratio-selection switch is set to a microprocessor  core ratio of 4.5 (450/100). Refer to the following table.

    Note:  To turn a switch Off, press the switch on the side where the word off is printed.  To turn a switch On, press the switch on the side opposite of where the word off is printed.

CPU Core Ratio SW1 Position 1 SW1 Position 2 SW1 Position 3 SW1 Position 4
4.0 On On On Off
4.5 On Off On Off
5.0 On On Off Off

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