Removing the Processor Assembly

Removing the Processor Assembly

Complete this procedure to remove the processor assembly.

  1.  Remove all media (diskettes, CDs, optical discs, or tapes) from the drives.

  2.  Turn off the server and any attached devices.

  3.  If you are in the United Kingdom and have a modem  or fax machine attached to the server, you must  disconnect the telephone line from the server before  unplugging any power cords (also known as power  cables). When reassembling the server, you must  reconnect the telephone line after you plug in the  power cords.

  4.  Disconnect all power cords (cables) from electrical outlets.

  5.  Disconnect all power cords from the server.

  6.  Disconnect all communication cables from external receptacles.

  7.  Note the location of the remaining cables and cords;  then, disconnect them from the server.

  8.  Unscrew the top cover thumbscrews 1 and remove the top cover 2.

  9.  Loosen the four thumbscrews 1 at the rear of the shuttle.

  10.  Slide the shuttle 2 to the rear of the server.

  11.  Disconnect the two cables from the connectors 1 on the processor assembly.

    Note:  For easier access to the connectors, you might have  to remove the air diffuser near the fan.  To do this, slide the air diffuser up and off of the clips.  Then, lift it out of the server.  You will be instructed when to replace the funnel later in this procedure.

  12.  Remove the four screws 1 securing the processor assembly.

  13.  If the processor assembly has two levers 2 at the  top corners, pull the levers up.

  14.  Lift the processor assembly 2 out of the server and  put it aside. This processor assembly is not used for the upgrade.


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