2-Way Xeon™ Upgrade Installation

2-Way Xeon™ Upgrade Installation

Note: For additional information about systems with the 2-Way Xeon™ Upgrade Kit installed, refer to the Netfinity 5500 M10 - Type 8661 Hardware Maintenance Manual (Part Number 37L5210).

You can upgrade the IBM Netfinity server with Intel® Pentium® II Xeon™ microprocessors. This Processor Upgrade Kit contains a new processor assembly that includes the processor board and a terminator card.
It does not include the microprocessors, voltage regulator modules (VRM), or memory modules.

This section provides instructions for installing the Processor Upgrade Kit. It also includes the installation instructions for the microprocessors, VRMs, and the memory modules.

Before you begin

Installing the Software

Installing the Hardware

Processor Board Component Locations

  Parts Listing (2-Way Upgrade Kit)

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