Getting Help, Service, and Information

Chapter 5. Getting Help, Service, and Information

If you need help, service, technical assistance, or just want more information about IBM products, you will find a wide variety of sources available from IBM to assist you.

For example, IBM maintains pages on the World Wide Web where you can get information about IBM products and services, find the latest technical information, and download device drivers and updates. Some of these pages are:    Main IBM home page    IBM Personal Computing    IBM Personal Computing Support    IBM Commercial Desktop (U.S.)    IBM IntelliStation (U.S.)    IBM Netfinity and PC Servers (U.S.)    IBM Options (U.S.)

You can select a country-specific Web site from these pages.

Help is also available from bulletin boards and online services, as well as by fax and telephone. This section provides information about these sources.

Services available and telephone numbers listed are subject to change without notice.

Service Support

With the original purchase of an IBM hardware product, you have access to extensive support coverage.
During the IBM hardware product warranty period, you may call the IBM Personal Computer HelpCenter (1-800-772-2227 in the U.S.) for hardware product assistance covered under the terms of the IBM Statement of Limited Warranty. See (below) 'Getting Help by Telephone' for HelpCenter telephone numbers in other countries.

The following services are available during the warranty period:

Be sure to retain your proof of purchase to obtain warranty service.
Please have the following information ready when you call:

If possible, be at your computer when you call.

The following items are not covered:

Refer to the IBM Statement of Limited Warranty for a full explanation of IBM's warranty terms.

Before You Call for Service

Many computer problems can be solved without outside assistance, by using the online help or by looking in the online or printed documentation that comes with your computer or software.
Also, be sure to read the information in any README files that come with your software.

Most computers, operating systems, and application programs come with documentation that contains troubleshooting procedures and explanations of error messages.
The documentation that comes with your computer also contains information about the diagnostic tests you can perform.

If you receive a POST error code when you turn on your computer, refer to the POST error-message charts in your hardware documentation. If you do not receive a POST error code, but suspect a hardware problem, refer to the troubleshooting information in your hardware documentation or run the diagnostic tests.

If you suspect a software problem, consult the documentation (including README files) for the operating system or application program.

Getting Customer Support and Service

Purchasing an IBM PC hardware product entitles you to standard help and support during the warranty period.
If you need additional support and services, a wide variety of extended services are available for purchase that address almost any need.

Using Electronic Support Services

If you have a modem, you can get help from several popular services.
Bulletin boards and online information services provide assistance through question-and-answer message areas, live chat rooms, searchable databases, and more.

Technical information is available on a wide range of topics, such as:

In addition, the latest device driver updates are available.

The IBM Bulletin Board System (BBS) can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Modem speeds of up to 14 400 baud are supported. Long distance telephone charges might apply.
To access the IBM BBS:

Commercial online services that contain information about IBM products include:

Use the following GO words: APTIVA, IBMPS2, ThinkPad, PowerPC, ValuePoint, IBMSVR, or IBMOBI.

Use the Jump command, type IBM and select PC Product Support.

Use the 'Go to' keyword IBM Connect.

Using the World Wide Web

On the World Wide Web, the IBM Personal Computing Web site has up-to-date information about IBM Personal Computer products and support.
The address for the IBM Personal Computing home page is:

You can find support information for your IBM products, including supported options, on the IBM Personal Computing Support page at:

If you select Profile from the support page, you can create a customized support page that is specific to your hardware, complete with Frequently Asked Questions, Parts Information, Technical Hints and Tips, and Downloadable Files.
You will have the information you need, all in one place. In addition, you can choose to receive e-mail notifications whenever new information becomes available about your registered products.
You also can access online support forums, which are community sites monitored by IBM support staff.

For information about specific Personal Computer products, visit the following pages:

You can select a country-specific Web site from these pages.

Getting Information by Fax

If you have a touch-tone telephone and access to a fax machine, in the U.S. and Canada you can receive by fax marketing and technical information on many topics, including hardware, operating systems, and local area networks (LANs).
You can call the IBM Automated Fax System 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Follow the recorded instructions, and the requested information will be sent to your fax machine.

To access the IBM Automated Fax System, do the following:

Getting Help Online

Online Housecall is a remote communication tool that allows an IBM technical-support representative to access your PC by modem.
Many problems can be remotely diagnosed and corrected quickly and easily.
In addition to a modem, a remote-access application program is required. This service is not available for servers. There might be a charge for this service, depending on the request.

For more information about configuring your PC for Online Housecall:

Getting Help by Telephone

During the warranty period, you can get help and information by telephone through the IBM PC HelpCenter.
Expert technical-support representatives are available to assist you with questions you might have on the following:

In addition, if you purchased an IBM PC Server or IBM Netfinity Server, you are eligible for
IBM Start Up Support for 90 days after installation. This service provides assistance for:

Please have the following information ready when you call:

If possible, be at your computer when you call.
In the U.S. and Canada, these services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In the U.K., these services are available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 1

Country - Telephone number
Austria Österreich 1-546 585 075
Belgium - Dutch Belgie 02-717-2504
Belgium - French Belgique 02-717-2503
Canada Canada 1-800-565-3344
Denmark Danmark 03-525-6905
Finland Suomi 9-22-931805
France France 01-69-32-40-03
Germany Deutschland 069-6654-9003
Ireland Ireland 01-815-9207
Italy Italia 02-4827-5003
Luxembourg Luxembourg 298-977-5060
Netherlands Nederland 020-504-0531
Norway Norge 2-305-3203
Portugal Portugal 01-791-5147
Spain Espania 091-662-4270
Sweden Sverige 08-632-0063
Switzerland -
Schweiz 01-212-1810
Switzerland -
Suisse 022-310-0418
Switzerland -
Svizzera 091-971-0523
United Kingdom United Kingdom 01475-555555
U.S.A. and Puerto Rico U.S.A. and Puerto Rico 1-800-772-2227

1 Response time will vary depending on the number and complexity of incoming calls.

In all other countries, contact your IBM reseller or IBM marketing representative

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