Chapter 1. Introduction

After successfully installing your IBM Netfinity Fibre Channel PCI Adapter, you are ready to install the device drivers you need for the adapter to communicate between your computer and your peripheral devices.

Before you begin

If you have DOS device drivers, Windows NT, or NetWare already installed on your system, you can check the driver versions by performing the following procedure:

  1.  Place the DOS Device Drivers diskette in the diskette drive.
  2.  Copy the QLVER.EXE file from the diskette into the directory with the QLogic device drivers.

     For example:


  3.  Change directories to the subdirectory containing the QLogic drivers.

     For example:

      CD \QLC

  4.  At the prompt type:

      QLVER 0.0

A QLogic banner is displayed, followed by the drivers and their corresponding version numbers. For more information about QLVER.EXE, use the following /h (help) parameter: QLVER /h

Note: The latest versions of the device drivers and documentation are available on the following IBM Web site:

Device drivers for the following supported operating systems are provided with your Fibre Channel PCI Adapter:

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