IPSSEND.EXE for ServeRAID Adapters

IPSSEND.EXE for ServeRAID Adapters

Note: Note You must know the adapter number and logical drive number of the drive you want to data scrub.
To determine the adapter number and logical drive number, use the IBM ServeRAID Administration and Monitoring Utility.
Refer to the Hardware Maintenance Manual for the system you are servicing.

Instructions for Using the IPSSEND utility: The IBM PC ServeRAID and ServeRAID II Adapters provide the IPSSEND utility as a means for data scrubbing under all supported operating systems.
The IPSSEND utility is available on the IBM ServeRAID Supplemental Diskette at:


Search on 'ServeRAID.'

The IPSSEND utility may be coupled with a third party event scheduler, such as REXXWARE by Simware Corporation, available at:


or the AT Scheduler that is built into Windows NT. The syntax of IPSSEND is described below.

Note: In the following command, replace <

adapter number

> with the adapter number and replace <

logical drive number

> with the logical drive number.

At a command prompt, type the following:

ipssend synch <adapter number> drive <logical drive number>

where the adapter number starts at 1 and logical drive number starts at 0.

The IBM ServeRAID Administration and Monitoring Utility displays the logical drive numbers and their corresponding adapter numbers.

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