Device Event Table

Device Event Table

This table contains counters indicating the number of times unexpected events were reported through the storage subsystem. These events may be caused by several sources, including:

ServeRAID adapter, Cables (external and internal), Connectors, Hot-Swap Backplane(s), Hot-Swap Drive Trays, Target Devices (Disk Drives, CD-ROMs, etc.), and SCSI Terminators.

The Device Event Table can be displayed using the IPSSEND program or the IBM ServeRAID Administration and Monitoring Utility.

Using the IPSSEND program

Note: In the following command, replace

with the ServeRAID adapter or controller number.

At a command prompt, type the following:

 ipssend getevent <controller> device

Using the Administration and Monitoring Utility

Note: Target Devices are all addressable devices on the SCSI bus other than the controller itself.

The table is a set of flags and counters. The following items are presented for each Channel Index and SCSI ID:


Counts the number of times the device has reported a SCSI Bus Parity Error.


Soft Events are conditions detected and reported by a SCSI Target Device through a mechanism known as 'SCSI Sense Data'. SCSI defines 15 basic types of Sense Data errors, with hundreds of additional sub-types.


YES indicates the device has reported a PFA event to the adapter. PFA Events are reported through the system to identify drives which should be replaced.


These are SCSI problems which are not typically related to a problem with a SCSI target device.


All other unexpected SCSI events are counted in this category. These events are most likely not caused by the ServeRAID adapter itself, but target devices should not be replaced based only on a value in this counter (see below).

These event counters are debugging aids only. No automatic recovery actions are taken based on the values in these counters. There is not an absolute threshold for event counts which indicate that a drive should be replaced. A pattern of entries for a particular device or channel may indicate a problem. The ServeRAID adapter internally filters the types of events and will mark a disk drive defunct (DDD) when appropriate.

These entries may be cleared by the user.

For more information refer to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Device Event Table.

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