One DDD Drive, One DHS Drive, No RBL

One DDD Drive, One DHS Drive, No RBL

If the system has a DDD drive and a DHS drive and a hot-spare (HSP) existed prior to the drive failures, the system should still run as long as the logical drives are configured as RAID-5 or RAID-1.
The logical drives in the array will be in the CRT state due to one drive in the array being defunct.

Note: Because the operating system is functional, this procedure assumes you are using the ServeRAID Administration Utility within the operating system to recover.

Perform the following steps to bring the logical drive from CRT to OKY status:
  1.  Physically replace the drives that are marked DDD and DHS.

    Important:  Before you proceed, verify whether it is in a rebuild state. Do not attempt to start another rebuild.
     If the customer has enabled the HOT SWAP rebuild option, the new adapter automatically starts a rebuild.
     If this is the case, the following step occurs automatically.

  2.  Select the DDD drive from within the ServeRAID Administration Utility and then select Rebuild Drive . You see a  message confirming that the drive is starting.
     The drive then starts the rebuild process. When this process is complete, the drive is marked ONL.

  3.  After the rebuild is complete, select the DHS drive from within the ServeRAID administration utility.
     You then see several options. Choose HSP (or SHS if necessary) and choose Set Device State. The  adapter issues a start unit command to the drive.
     Once the drive spins up and the adapter saves the drive's configuration, the drive is marked HSP, or SHS, as  is applicable.

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