SMBUS Error (Beep Code 3-3-2) (Netfinity 7000-M10 - Type 8680)

SMBUS Error (Beep Code 3-3-2)

Note: The minimum system configuration required to force power-on the system using I/O board jumper J7 is:

If the system displays a 3-3-2 error and powering off, waiting for 20 seconds,
then, powering on the system does not correct the problem, do the following:

  1.  Connect remotely to the system and check the system error log.
  2.  Remove the system management card.
  3.  Disconnect the front panel cable form the I/O function card.
  4.  Disconnect the SCSI power cable.
  5.  Remove/disable all adapters.
  6.  Jumper J7 on the I/O board, then, power-on the server.
  7.  If the server starts, replace the components one at a  time in the order in which they were removed, until you isolate the defective FRU.
  8.  If the server does not start with the minimum required  configuration, replace the following FRUs in the order listed.

    1.  Power control card
    2.  Processor board
    3.  I/O board
    4.  Power backplane
    5.  I/O function card

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