Power Control Card LED - Power Supply LED Errors (Netfinity 7000-M10 - Type 8680)

Power Control Card LED

The power control card LED is located on the rear of the system.
If the power control card LED is not flashing, replace the power control card.

Power Supply LED Errors.

Use the (following) power supply LED information in this section to trouble shoot power supply problems.

Note: The minimum configuration required for the DC Good light to come on is.

  - Important - If you cannot power the system off with the front panel switch:

  1.  If ACPI is enabled in Setup, you must hold the power button for 5 seconds.
  2.  Disconnect the AC power.
  3.  Remove the battery.
  4.  Power-on the server.
  5.  Power-off the server.
  6.  Replace the battery.

Table 14. Power Supply LED Errors. 

AC Good LED DC Good LED Description FRU/Action
Off Off No power to system
or AC problem
1. Check AC power to system
2. Power Supply
3. Power Backplane
4. Power AC Inlet Box
Off On AC Good LED defect 1. Power Supply
On Off Standby mode or
DC problem.
1. Verify power supply switch is on.
2. The LED on the power control card should
be flashing, if not, replace the power
control card.
3. Check the power backplane to processor
board cable connections.
4. Disconnect the power cord, then,
disconnect or remove all adapters, cables
and power connectors to all internal and
external devices, memory cards, processors,
processors terminator cards, and VRMs.
5. Install a jumper on J7 of the I/O board,
see 'I/O Board Component Locations'.
6. Connect the power cord, then, power-on
the server and check the DC Good light on
the power supply.
If the DC Good light on the power supply
is on, remove the jumper you installed
on J7, then, replace the components one
at a time until you isolate the failing
If the DC Good light on the power supply
is still off, replace the following
components in the order listed until the
light comes on.
a. Processor Board
b. I/O Board
c. Power Backplane
On On Power is OK N/A

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