Working with Adapters (Netfinity 7000-M10 - Type 8680)

Working with Adapters

You can add adapters to extend the capabilities and power of the server.
Many adapters provide bus-master capabilities, which enable the adapters to perform operations without interrupting the server's microprocessors.
You add adapters to the expansion connectors, called slots, on the I/O board of the server.
All slots are peripheral component interconnect (PCI) expansion slots.
The server supports up to 12 adapters in the PCI slots.

You can install a new PCI adapter or replace an existing PCI adapter with the same type of adapter without turning the server power off and restarting the system.
These slots are called hot-pluggable  PCI slots. They are also referred to as hot-plug PCI slots.
Hot-plug requires support from both the operating system and the adapter device driver.

A PCI adapter comes with built-in identification and configuration specifications (set in memory on the device) that provide installation information to the server during startup.
This information is read by the input/output (I/O) bus and interpreted by the server BIOS.
The BIOS routines automatically configure the adapter around the resources already in use by other devices.
The server comes with a video controller. This video controller is an integrated component on the I/O function card. The integrated video controller has super video graphics array (SVGA) technology.

The integrated video controller is not removable.
If you want to disable this controller and use a video adapter instead, you can install a video adapter in an expansion slot.
When you install a PCI video adapter, the server BIOS automatically disables the integrated video controller.

The integrated video controller has 1 MB of video memory.
The integrated video controller supports the following screen resolutions:

The following illustration shows the location of the expansion slots and other components referred to in these steps.
  1.  I/O function card slot
  2.  Power LEDs
  3.  Attention LEDs for PCI slots
  4.  Hot-plug 32-bit PCI slots 11-12 (bus C)
  5.  Hot-plug 32-bit PCI slots 6-10 (bus B)
  6.  Hot-plug 64-bit PCI slots 1-5 (bus A)

LEDs for PCI Slots: Each PCI slot has three lights associated with it - two Attention lights and one Power On light.

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