I/O Function Card Component Locations (Netfinity 7000-M10 - Type 8680)

I/O Function Card Component Locations

The following simplified layout of the I/O function card identifies the components.

  1.  External SCSI connector (channel A)
  2.  Battery
  3.  Internal SCSI connector (channel B)
  4.  Operator panel connector
  5.  Diskette drive connector
  6.  Password override jumper (J17)
  7.  Flash page swap jumper (J16)
  8.  Parallel port connector
  9.  Video port connector
     (The video port connector is behind the parallel port connector)
  10.  Serial port A and B connectors
  11.  Keyboard and mouse connectors
     (The keyboard connector is behind the mouse connector)
  12.  Advanced Remote Management Controller connector

I/O Function Card Jumpers

Table 10 describes the jumpers on the I/O function card.

The highlighted numbers in the table correspond to the numbers on the above adapter illustration.

Note: Turn off the server, and disconnect the power cord before moving any jumpers.

Table 10. I/O Board Jumpers 

Jumper Name Description
6 - J17 Power on
password override
Changing the position of this jumper bypasses
the power-on password check. You do not
need to move the jumper back to the default
position after the password is overridden. To
do this:
1. Shut down and power-off the system.
2. Move jumper J17, then, power-on the
system. POST will clear the password.
Changing the position of this jumper
does not affect the administrator
password. If the administrator
password is set, you must replace the
I/O board.
7 - J16 Flash page swap The default position is a jumper installed on
pins 2 and 3. Changing the position of this
jumper will change which of the two pages of
flash ROM is used when the system is
started. You can use this jumper to recover
from a BIOS flash update problem. To do
1. Power-off the system.
2. Move jumper J16, then, power-on the

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