Replacing a Drive in a Hot-Swap Bay (Netfinity 7000-M10 - Type 8680)

Replacing a Drive in a Hot-Swap Bay

Note: You do not have to turn off the server to remove a drive from a hot-swap bay.

If the amber Hard Disk Status light for a drive is lit continuously, that individual drive is defective and needs to be replaced.

 - Attention

  1.  Before you hot-swap a drive, make sure it is defective. If you partially or completely remove a  good drive instead of a defective one, the server might lose valuable data. If the server has a  RAID adapter installed and you assigned RAID level 1 or 5 to the logical drives in the disk  array, make sure the drive is defective.
     However, the RAID adapter can rebuild the data that you need, provided that certain conditions  are met. Refer to the RAID adapter documentation for further details.
  2.  To avoid damage to a hard disk drive, DO NOT remove the drive from the hot-swap bay until it  has had time to spin down (approximately 30 seconds). Handle the drive gently.

Before you begin:

To replace a drive in a hot-swap bay:

Refer to the illustration in 'Installing a Drive in a Hot-Swap Bay' while you perform the steps in this procedure.

  1.  Remove the defective hard disk drive -2- by pressing on the lock to  release the handle -3-, placing the handle in the open position  (perpendicular to the drive), and pulling the hot-swap tray from the bay.
  2.  Install the hard disk drive in the hot-swap bay:

    1.  Ensure the tray handle is open (that is, perpendicular to the drive).
    2.  Align the drive/tray assembly so that it engages the guide rails in the bay.
    3.  Push the drive assembly into the bay until the drive connects to the backplane.
    4.  Push the tray handle to the right until it locks.

  3.  Check the hard disk drive status indicators to verify  that the hard disk drives are operating properly.  See 'Identifying Problems through Status Indicators' for details.

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