Hot-Swap Power Supply Removal (Netfinity 7000-M10 - Type 8680)

Hot-Swap Power Supply Removal

Refer to 'Hot-Swap Power Supply Installation' for information on power supply requirements.
Each power supply has two status indicators, see 'Power Supply LEDs' for information about the status indicators.

Refer to the illustration in 'Hot-Swap Power Supply Installation' while you perform the steps in this procedure.

  - Caution - Never remove the cover on a power supply or any part
(power backplane and AC box) that has the following label attached.


Hazardous voltage, current, and energy levels are present inside the power supplies, power backplane, and AC box. There are no serviceable parts inside the power supplies, power backplane, or AC box.

To remove a hot-swap power supply

  1.  If the server has only two functioning power supplies and requires both  (see 'Hot-Swap Power Supply Installation'), turn off the server and peripheral devices  (see 'Preparing to Install Options'), otherwise, go to the next step.

      - Attention - Before removing a functional power supply, set  the Power switch on the power supply to the Off position.

  2.  Set the Power switch on the power supply that you are removing to the Off position.
  3.  Remove the power supply:

    1.  Remove any shipping screws from the power supply.

      Note: You do not need to replace the shipping screws.

    2.  Pull the handle on the power supply, then, slide the power supply out of the chassis.

      Note: During normal operation, be sure that each power-supply bay has either a  power supply or filler panel installed for proper cooling.

  4.  If you are not installing a replacement power supply, install a power-supply filler  panel -2-, then go to step 5.

     If you are replacing the power supply:

    1.  Place the handle -4- on the power supply in the open position, and slide the  power supply into the chassis.
    2.  Close the handle on the power supply to seat the power supply in the bay.
    3.  Make sure the Power switch on the power supply is in the On position.
    4.  Verify that the AC Power light and DC Power light are lit, indicating that the power supply is  operating correctly.

  5.  If you have other options to install or remove, do so now, otherwise,  go to 'Completing the Installation'.

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