Required Device Drivers (Netfinity 7000-M10 - Type 8680)

Required Device Drivers

The following device drivers are required:

  1.  If you plan to install Netfinity Manager, you must install the required device drivers before you  install Netfinity Manager.
  2.  For a list of supported operating systems, see on the World Wide Web.

Device-Driver Installation Instructions: The device drivers necessary for the Netfinity Advanced System Management PCI Adapte to function properly can be installed in one of two ways:

If you choose to use the ApplicationGuide CoPilot CD to install the device drivers you you will not need to perform any additional steps to finish installing the device drivers.

If you choose to use Diskette Factory to create diskettes and manually install the device drivers, use the following instructions to complete the device driver installation.

  1.  Insert the diskette labelled IBM Netfinity 5500 Device Drivers for Advanced System Management, version  1.00 or Advanced System Management Device Driver Diskette into the primary diskette drive.

    Note: For additional information, review the README file on the diskette.

  2.  At a command prompt, type the following command and then press Enter:

  3.  You will receive a prompt indicating the location (path and directory) where the device  drivers (files) will be placed, and asking you if you want the files to be placed there.

  4.  The required device drivers (files) for the operating system will be copied onto the hard disk, in the  directory that you selected in step 3.

  5.  Remove the diskette from the diskette drive.
  6.  If you have the Microsoft Windows NT operating system, go to step 8.
  7.  If you have the OS/2 operating system or the Novell NetWare operating system:

    1.  Perform the shutdown procedure that the operating system uses.
       Refer to the operating-system documentation for instructions.
    2.  Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart the server.
       The device drivers are loaded automatically during server startup.

  8.  You have completed the device-driver installation procedure.

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