External Options

External Options

The information in this section supplements the instructions that come with the external options (SCSI drives, printers, modems, and other serial and parallel devices).
To connect external options, see the documentation that comes with the options.

Adding External SCSI Devices: The server comes with a 16-bit UltraSCSI controller on the system board, which provides two independent SCSI channels.
This controller has two 68-pin, shielded, high-density connectors: one internal, on the controller, and one external, on the back of the server. You can use these connectors to install an additional internal SCSI device in the server or to attach up to fifteen external SCSI devices to the server.

The internal SCSI connector provides support for SCSI devices installed inside the server.
The external SCSI connector provides support for external SCSI devices.


You must set a unique SCSI ID for each external SCSI device so that the controller can identify the devices. The controller can then ensure that different devices do not attempt to transfer data at the same time. Therefore, do not set the SCSI IDs for external devices to the values you used for the controller.

If you plan to attach an external SCSI device, you might need to order an additional SCSI cable. To use an external device with the Netfinity 5000, you must connect it to the external SCSI connector, using a SCSI cable. This SCSI cable must have the proper connector for the SCSI external connector on one end, and the proper connector for the external device on the other end.
If a SCSI cable does not come with the external device, or if it is the wrong type, you will need to order one.

Attaching External Options: To attach an external option:

  1.  Turn off the server and all attached devices.
  2.  Follow the instructions that come with the option and the illustration  in 'Input/Output Connectors' to connect it to the server.

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