Installing or Removing Adapters

Installing or Removing Adapters:

This section gives the procedure for installing an adapter. If you want to remove an adapter, reverse the following steps.

Before you begin

  1.  Review the instructions that come with the adapter to determine if the adapter must be installed in a certain  slot, otherwise, use any available, bus-compatible slot.

    NOTE: If you install a video adapter, the server automatically disables the video controller on the  system board. IBM recommends that the video be installed in slot 5.

  2.  If you have not done so, remove the server cover. See 'Option Installation'.
  3.  Remove the expansion-slot cover.

    1.  Release the slot retaining clamp by pulling the curved arm on the clamp away from the system board.

      NOTE: The slot retaining clamp might differ slightly from this illustration.

    2.  Remove the expansion slot cover from the slot opening.

  4.  If the adapter is a full-length card, continue with this step. Otherwise, go to (below) step 5.

    1.  Remove the card support bracket retaining clip.

    2.  If the adapter is a full length card in slot 1 or 2, ensure that the card support bracket has the  appropriate card support installed for that slot.

      Card Type    Card Support Color
         ISA    Black
         PCI    White

       Each card support is also identified on the tab as ISA or PCI.

      NOTE: You might find it easier to replace the card support with the  appropriate color card support if you remove the card support bracket from the server first.

       1. To remove a card support from a slot -1- or storage location -2-,  gently release the card support tab -3- and slide the card support away from the  system board until the card support is free.
       2. To insert a card support in a slot or a storage location, place the card support in  the slot or storage opening and slide the card support toward the system board until  the tab clicks into place.

    3.  If you removed the card support bracket from the  server, replace it in the server now.

  5.  Touch the static-protective package to any unpainted metal surface on the server,  then, remove the adapter from the package.
  6.  Install the adapter:

    1.  Carefully grasp the adapter and align it with the expansion slot (and with the card support  bracket if a full-length adapter).
    2.  Press the adapter firmly into the connector until fully seated.
    3.  Fit the foot of the slot retaining clamp to the top of the expansion slot.
    4.  Push the curved arm of the slot retaining clamp toward the adapter until the clamp is locked into place.
    5.  If necessary, connect any internal cables to the adapter. Refer to the documentation that comes  with the option.
    6.  If you removed the card-guide retaining clip in step 4a, reinstall it now.

  7.  If you want to install or remove any other options, do so now. Otherwise, go to 'Completing the Installation'.

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