Adding an adapter, such as a communication adapter, extends the capabilities and power of the server.
For example, you can add a RAID (redundant array of independent disks) adapter that can enhance logical-drive capacity and performance.

Adapter Considerations: The Netfinity 5000 supports ISA and PCI adapters. You can install up to six adapters in the connectors on the system board.

The system board in the server contains 16-bit, ISA-bus expansion connectors and 32-bit, PCI-bus expansion connectors. One of the expansion slots is a shared PCI/ISA slot. One of the expansion slots supports only ISA adapters.
The remaining four slots support only PCI adapters. The server supports only 5.0-volt adapters on the PCI bus.


  1.  You can install PCI adapters in slots 1-5.
     Slots 1-4 are on PCI bus 1, slot 5 is on PCI bus 0.
     Both PCI buses are primary buses, when the system scans the buses to see what devices are on them,  it scans PCI bus 0 first.
  2.  You can install ISA adapters in the slots 1 and 2.
    NOTE: If an ISA adapter is not a Plug and Play device, you must allocate the system  resources that the adapter will use. Use the Plug and Play choice in the Advanced Setup selection of  the Configuration/Setup utility program to allocate resources.

NOTE: Expansion slot 1 and 2 are shared slot.
A shared slot can be used by an adapter installed in either the PCI connector or the adjacent ISA connector, but not both.

The server comes with a video controller. This video controller is an integrated component on the system board. It is not in an expansion slot. The integrated video controller has super video graphics array (SVGA) technology.

The integrated video controller is not removable. If you want to disable this controller and use a video adapter instead, you can install a video adapter in an expansion slot. When you install a video adapter, the server BIOS automatically disables the integrated video controller.
  Attention To avoid possible damage to adapters and server components, be sure that the adapters you install do not touch each other or the other components (such as the microprocessor) inside the server.

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