Recovering BIOS

Recovering BIOS

If the BIOS has become corrupted, such as from a power failure during a flash update, you can recover the BIOS using the recovery boot block and a BIOS flash diskette.

NOTE: You can obtain a BIOS flash diskette from one of the following sources:

The flash memory of the server contains a protected area that cannot be overwritten. The recovery boot block is a section of code in this protected area that enables the server to start up and to read a flash diskette. The flash utility automatically recovers the system BIOS from the BIOS recovery files on the diskette.

To recover the BIOS:

  1.  See 'Option Installation'  through 'Preparing a Tower Model' or through 'Preparing a Rack Model' for instructions on powering off the server and removing  the cover. Then, refer to the system-board diagram inside the server for the location of the switch block.
  2.  Locate switch 5 (see 'System Board').
  3.  Set switch 5 on the switch block to On, to set boot block recovery mode.
  4.  Insert the BIOS flash diskette in the diskette drive.
  5.  Restart the server.

     Nothing appears on the display monitor, but the diskette drive activity LED and periodic beeps  indicates that BIOS recovery is under way. Recovery is complete when slow beeps are concluded by a  string of fast beeps and the Post Complete light on the operator LED panel is on.

  6.  Remove the flash diskette from the diskette drive.
  7.  Turn the server off.
  8.  Set switch 5 to Off, to return to normal startup mode.
  9.  Restart the server. The system should start up normally.

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