PCI Bus Control / Settings

PCI Bus Control / Settings

NOTE: This page shows the interrupts and the correct interrupted assigned to the devices.

Select PCI Bus Control to:

NOTE: Any changes you make to IRQs will not be reflected in the PCI Interrupt Routing selection of this menu until you restart the server.

Cache Control: Select this choice to define the microprocessor cache state as enabled or disabled, and to define the microprocessor cache type as Write-back or Write-through.

Selecting write-back mode will provide the maximum system performance.

Memory Settings: Select this choice to view the server banks of memory and to enable or disable selected rows of memory within those banks.

If a memory error is detected during POST or memory configuration, the server can automatically disable the failing row of memory and continue operating with reduced memory capacity. If this occurs, you must manually enable the row of memory after the problem is corrected.
Choose Memory Settings from the Advanced Setup menu, then use the the Up Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) key to highlight the row that you want to enable. Use the Left Arrow (<) or Right Arrow (>) key to select Enable.

Advanced ISA Settings: Use this selection to set the timer delay for ISA I/O recovery.

Service Processor IRQ Settings: Use this selection to specify the IRQ the system-management processor is to use and to synchronize the service processor clock to the system clock.

Plug and Play: Most adapters designed for PCI slots are Plug and Play devices that are auto-configuring.
However, many ISA adapters are not Plug and Play devices and you must allocate the system resources that the adapter will use. Select Plug and Play to identify the available system resources:

NOTE: The menus do not contain resources that are used by the system or by previously installed Plug and Play adapters.

Select Plug and Play, then, use the Up Arrow (  ) and Down Arrow (  ) key to highlight the system resource that you want to change. Use the Left Arrow (<) or Right Arrow (-) key to toggle from Plug and Play to ISA Legacy for the selected menu choice.

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