Checking the System for Damage

Checking the system for Damage

This section provides instructions on what to do if the system might be damaged.

After dropping it: Look for loose cables and obvious damage. If any cables are loose, reconnect them securely.

If you see no damage, turn on the system. If it works correctly, the system probably did not suffer any damage.

If the system does not work correctly, turn it off and check the adapters and memory modules to ensure that they are connected correctly. Reseat all adapters and memory modules.

If the system still does not work correctly, run the diagnostic tests from diagnostic utility menu. For information about running tests, see 'Running Diagnostic Test Programs'.

After Spilling liquid on it: If liquid gets on the keyboard:

  1.  Turn off the server.
  2.  Unplug the keyboard from the back of the server.
  3.  Turn the keyboard upside down to drain excess liquid.
  4.  Dry off the keyboard with a lint-free cloth.

After the keyboard is completely dry, plug it in and turn on the server. If it does not work correctly, replace the keyboard.

If liquid gets inside the monitor:
  1.  Turn off the monitor.
  2.  Turn off the server.
  3.  Unplug the monitor from the server and the electrical outlet.
  4.  Let the monitor dry out.

If liquid gets inside the server:
  1.  Turn off the server and all attached devices.
  2.  Unplug the server from the electrical outlet and all attached devices.
  3.  Let the server dry out.

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