Diagnostic Test Programs

Diagnostic Test Programs

This section includes useful information about navigating through the diagnostic test programs, as well as procedures for starting and stopping them. These programs are designed to test the IBM Netfinity 5000. If you want to test a non-IBM product, refer to the information that comes with that product.
You can start the diagnostic test programs from the Startup panel, when the message Press F2 for Diagnostics appears.

NOTE: When you run the diagnostic test programs, a single problem can cause several error messages to occur.
When this happens, work to correct the cause of the first error message.
After the cause is corrected, the other error messages probably will not occur the next time you run the tests.

Navigating Through the Diagnostic Tests:

Error messages in the Test Log are stored by diagnostic test session.
A diagnostic test session is defined as running one, all, or a selection of tests, one or more times.
You can use the following keys to maneuver within the test program:
Enter    Selects an item.
Down Arrow )    Moves the cursor down.
Up Arrow )    Moves the cursor up.
Left Arrow (<)    Toggles test selection between Yes and No.
Right Arrow (>)    Toggles test selection between Yes and No.
Page Down (PgDn)    Moves to the next diagnostic test session in the log (if any).
Page Up (PgUp)    Moves to the previous diagnostic test session in the log (if any).
F1    Displays the appropriate Help information.
     Use the Up Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) key to
     scroll through the information.
     Pressing F1 from within a Help screen provides a help index
     from which you can select different categories. Pressing
     Esc exits Help and returns to where you left off.
Esc    Returns to the previous menu.

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