Type 3526 Fibre Channel RAID Controller

  Type 3526 Fibre Channel RAID Controller

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See >   Fibre Channel RAID Controller - SW Installation Guide

See > NF Fibre Channel - Power ON/OFF Procedure

General Checkout

Use the status LEDs, Symptom-to-FRU list, and the connected server HMM to diagnose problems.

Using the Status LEDs

The LEDs of the control unit indicate the hardware status:

The LEDs on the controller unit indicate the status of the controller unit and its individual components. The green LEDs indicate a normal operating status, amber LEDs indicate a hardware fault. Check all of the LEDs on the front and back of the controller unit when it is powered on.


Also use LEDs on the front cover, controller CRUs, and drive units (if applicable) to determine if the controllers and drives are responding to I/O transmissions from the host.

The list below describes LED activities:

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