The adapter can be configured using Fast!UTIL. Access Fast!UTIL by pressing ALT + Q during the adapter BIOS initialization (it might take a few seconds for the Fast!UTIL menu to appear).
If there are more than one Netfinity Fibre Channel PCI Adapter, Fast!UTIL asks you to select the adapter you want to configure. After changing the settings, Fast!UTIL restarts the system to load the new parameters.

NOTE: If the configuration settings are incorrect, the Netfinity Fibre Channel PCI Adapter will not function properly.

Each host adapter has a unique serial number. Write down the serial number of the Netfinity Fibre Channel PCI Adapter in the event that the nonvolatile random access memory (NVRAM) is damaged (see Scan Fibre Channel Devices). If the NVRAM is damaged, you will be prompted for the PCI adapter serial number.

Fast!UTIL Options: The following section describes the Fast!UTIL options.

Configuration Settings: The first selection on the Fast!UTIL Options menu is Configuration Settings. These settings configure the FC devices and the PCI adapter to which they are attached.

Host Adapter Settings: From the Configuration Settings menu in Fast!UTIL, select Host Adapter Settings. The current default settings for the host adapter are listed in following table and described in the following paragraphs.

NOTE: The host adapter settings and default values will vary based on the version of BIOS code installed for the adapter.

 Setting               Option              Default
 Host adapter          Enabled or          Disabled
 BIOS                  Disabled
 Enable LUNs           Yes or No           Yes
 Execution throttle    1, 4, 8, 16, 32,    255
                       64, 128, 255
 Drivers load          Enabled or          Enable
 RISC code             Disabled
 Framesize             512, 1024, 2048     2048
 IOCB allocation       1-512 buffers       256 buffers
 Loop reset delay      0-15 seconds        5 seconds
 Extended error        Enabled or          Disabled
 Port down retry       0-255               0

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