Power On Systems Check - Fibre Channel Hub

Power On Systems Check - Fibre Channel Hub

Power-on the storage modules first, then the controller and the Fibre Channel Hub, then everything else.

NOTE: Make sure the Fibre Channel Hub is powered on before the host adapter to insure proper loop initialization.

To insure proper operation:

  1.  Connect the power cord to the Fibre Channel Hub, then to the electrical outlet.
  2.  Power-on the attached FC-AL compatible nodes.
  3.  Check the Device Active (green) LEDs on the Fibre Channel Hub ports.
      Active On Green LEDs on Top Row

    LED On    This indicates that a GBIC is present and functioning properly.
    LED Off    This indicates a fault condition.
         Examples of a fault condition include: a GBIC transmitter fault,
         an improperly seated GBIC, an absent GBIC, or another failed device.
         The port will be in the bypass state, which precludes the port from
         participating in the FC-AL. This is the normal status of operation for
         Fibre Channel Hub ports in which GBICs are not installed.

    NOTE: FC-AL compatible nodes must perform loop initialization
     procedures at power-on to function properly on the loop.
     The Fibre Channel driver software on FC-AL nodes performs the loop initialization
     or re-initialization depending on its prior state of operation.

  4.  Check the Port Bypass (amber) LEDs.
      Bypass Amber LEDs on Bottom Row

    LED On    If the Active (green) LED of the port is off, the port is non operational
         and the Bypass (amber) LED for the port is on.
         If a properly functioning port (the Active green LED is on) with a GBIC present
         also has the Bypass LED on, either the loss of signal or poor signal integrity
         has caused the port to go into the bypass state.
         When the port is in this state, it cannot participate in the FC-AL.
         The bypass state is also the normal status condition when no GBIC is present
         in the port, a GBIC present but not attached to a FC-AL node,
         or a GBIC is attached to a cable assembly with nothing attached at the opposite end.
         Replacing such a port (or removing and reinserting the GBIC into the same port twice)
         is considered to be a loop configuration change which invokes the Loop Initialization
    LED Off    This indicates that the Fibre Channel Hub port and device are fully operational
         and actively participating in the FC-AL.

  5.  The FC-AL should be fully operational.  Check that proper loop discovery has taken place and all required devices are participating in the loop.  Some host bus adapters might provide this level of functionality or it might be resident in the application  software on the host operating system.

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