PC Server 325 (Type 8639-Pxx, RBx) System/Processor Board

PC Server 325 (Type 8639-Pxx, RBx) System Board

1 Parallel Connector
2 N.A.
3 DASD Tray Fan Connector
4 Serial Connector
5 External SCSI Connector
6 Internal SCSI Connector

8 System Fan Power Connector
9 Power Connector
10 Power Connector
11 Power Connector
12 Hard Drive Fan Connector
13 Diskette Drive Connector
14 RAIDport Connector
15 Operator Panel Connector
16 System Management Cable Connector
17 Speaker Connector
18 Fan Connector
19 Keylock Connectors

20 System Board Jumper (J23)

Jumper Default
Jumper Description (from left to right)
J23-1 BOTTOM Primary microprocessor (default). If you replace
the microprocessor that comes with the server,
you might need to move the jumper to the opposite
J23-2 BOTTOM Secondary microprocessor (default). The primary
and secondary ECC microprocessors must have the
same cache size and cache speed, the jumpers
should be set to the same position. If you add
microprocessors that differ from the one that
comes with the server, you might need to move
the jumpers to the opposite position.
J23-3 BOTTOM Flash update enable Jumper, Enabled.
You must move the jumper from the default jumper
position to block updates to the flash BIOS on the
system board.
J23-4 TOP Recovery boot block is protected from accidental
The flash memory contains a protected area that
cannot be corrupted. The code in this area enables
the server to start from a diskette when the BIOS
becomes corrupted, for example, if a power failure
occurs during a flash update. After starting, the
flash utility autom. recovers the system BIOS from
the BIOS recovery files on the diskette. When the
flash is complete, the jumper must be moved to the
default, disabled position. The recovery boot
procedure requires two flash diskettes, one for
the main system flash, and one for the boot block.
J23-5 TOP Boot block is protected from accidental overwrite.
J23-6 BOTTOM VPD write is disabled. You must move the jumper
from the default jumper position to update or
overwrite the Vital Product Data.
J23-7 No Jumper
Tamper detection/clear CMOS. The default is
no jumper.
When you install the System Mgmt. adapter, you
must install a jumper on the two pins closest
to the microprocessor board.
This jumper position clears CMOS and all
configuration information, including the
power-on password.
J23-8 BOTTOM  

21 Processor Board Connector
22 Video DRAM Connectors
23 Video Connector
24 Keyboard Connector
25 Universal Serial BUS (USB) Connectors
26 Ethernet Connectors

PC Server 325 Processor Board

1 Primary Microprocessor Connector
2 Secondary Voltage Regulator Module Connector (VRM)
3 Reserved
4 Memory Connectors (J2, J3, J4, J5)
5 Reserved (J9, J10, J12)
ECA010 J9-Jumper

6 PMC Frequency Sel. Jumpers (J17, J18)
Microprocessor memory controller (PMC) frequency
sel. jumper block.
J17 = open, J18 = short for 66.66MHz

7 Clock Ratio Jumper (J27, J28, J29, J30)
J30 = short, J29 = open, J28 = short and J27 = short
Frequ. sel. block = 3 (200/66MHz)

8 Secondary Microprocessor Fan Connector (J21)
9 Secondary Microprocessor Connector
10 Primary Microprocessor Fan Connector (J22)

11 Clock Frequency (J1, J20)
J1 = short, J20 = open - Clk speed = 66.66MHz

12 Primary Voltage Regulator Module Connector (VRM)
13 Voltage Regulator Module (VRM)

Processor Board Jumpers

  If the microprocessor frequency jumpers are incorrect, system board components will overheat and component damage can occur. be sure that the microprocessor bus-to-core ratio jumper is set properly.

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