Installing ServeRAID Device Drivers for Windows NT

Installing ServerRAID Device Drivers for Windows NT

This section provides two sets of instructions for installing the ServeRAID device driver: one that you can use during the initial Windows NT installation and one that you can use if Windows NT already is installed.

The background-server components for Windows NT 3.5X and Windows NT 4.0 install automatically when you use the instructions in this chapter to install the ServeRAID device drivers.

Installing the Files while Installing Windows NT:

To install the ServeRAID files while installing Windows NT:

  1.  Use the ServerGuide Diskette Factory to create an IBM ServeRAID Device Driver Diskette.
  2.  Insert the Windows NT boot diskette into the diskette drive or insert the bootable Windows NT CD into the  CD-ROM drive, then, restart the server.
  3.  When the message Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration... appears, press the F6 key.
  4.  After loading some files, Windows NT displays a screen that allows you to manually specify an  adapter. When this screen appears, press S to specify additional devices.
  5.  When prompted in the next window, select Other from the list.
  6.  When prompted to insert the Manufacturer-supplied-hardware support disk, insert the  IBM ServeRAID Device Driver Diskette into the diskette drive, then, press Enter.
  7.  Select IBM ServeRAID Adapter, then, press Enter. A message similar to the following will appear.  Setup is loading files (IBM ServeRAID Adapter)....
  8.  When prompted, press Enter to continue.
  9.  Use the instructions provided in the Windows NT manual to complete the normal installation process.
  10.  After you complete the installation, be sure to apply the latest Service Pack.

Installing the Files after Installing Windows NT:

To install the ServeRAID files after Installing Windows NT:

  1.  Use the ServerGuide Diskette Factory to create an IBM ServeRAID Device Driver Diskette .
  2.  Insert the IBM ServeRAID Device Driver Diskette  into the diskette drive.
  3.  From the Windows NT Start Menu, select Settings, then, select Control Panel.
  4.  Select SCSI Adapter, then, click on the Drivers tab.
  5.  Click on Add, then, click on Have Disk.
  6.  In the Copy manufacturer's files from field, type:


  7.  Click on OK, then in the next dialog box, click on OK again.
  8.  When a message appears asking if you want to use the currently installed device driver or if you want to  install a new one, click on New.
  9.  When prompted to enter the full path to the IBM ServeRAID files, type:


  10.  Click on Continue, then after the device driver installs, restart the system.

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