Adding a Physical Drive

Adding a Physical Drive

  You can expand currently defined arrays by adding one to
three new hard disk drives.

The ServeRAID adapters and controllers support adding new space to a disk array in the following scenarios:

To add physical device:

  1. Click on the   icon on the ToolBar or select
    Manage Disk Arrays from the Advanced pull-down menu, then, select Logical Drive Migration. A screen similar to the following appears.
  2.  Select Add Physical Drive(s).
     A prompt appears requesting that you select from 1 to  3 Ready (RDY) drives to add to the existing array.

  3.  Click on the appropriate RDY drives on the Main  screen. An X appears beside the selected drives.
  4.  When you are finished selecting drives, click on OK.

  5.  Select one of the available expansion options from the pull-down list.

     The screen will show a list of the affected logical drives with their new sizes.

  6.  Click on OK.

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