Alert Options

Alert Options

The Netfinity Manage alerts allow system administrators who are using the IBM Netfinity Manager Program to configure the ServeRAID Administration and Monitoring Program to notify the Netfinity Alert Manager of various activities occurring on the server.

To configure the settings for the Netfinity Manager alerts:

  1.  Open the Options pull-down menu.
  2.  Click on Alert Options.
  3.  Click on Netfinity Alerts. A screen similar to the following appears.

    NOTE: The default setting for the Netfinity Manager alerts is disabled.

  4.  To enable all Netfinity Manager alerts, click on the check box next to Enable Netfinity Alerts.
  5.  To disable any of the Netfinity Manager alerts:

    1.  Ensure there is a check in the check box next to Enable Netfinity Alerts.
    2.  Click on the check box next to the specific alert or alerts you want disabled.

  6.  To test the Netfinity Manager integration, click on the Send Test Alert button.  This will send a Netfinity Manager alert to the Alert Manager with a test message.

     When you enable Netfinity Manager Alerts, the ServeRAID adapter or controller will relay the  following three types of messages to the Netfinity Alert Manager:

    1.  Information
      •  Rebuild started
      •  Rebuild completed
      •  Synchronization started
      •  Synchronization completed
      •  Migration started
      •  Migration completed

    2.  Warning
      •  PFA error detected

    3.  Critical
      •  Dead drive detected
      •  Adapter or controller is not responding to commands

By knowing what these types of messages are, you can configure the Netfinity Manager program with instructions for monitoring the server configuration and the appropriate action to take if an alert is given.
For example, you could set the Netfinity Manager program to dial a specified phone number, should a defunct drive be detected on any server across the network.
See the documentation provided with Netfinity Manager for more information.

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